Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

My final blog on the journaling journey is finding the inspiration to journal or to get on a journaling journey. It is no easy task to find the inspiration to get to the written page day in and day out, because it has to come from a deeper yes. I find I do my most journaling when I am in need of figuring out my life, when I am in pain, when I am trying to manifest something into my life, or trying to understand what is going on. I also take cues from my body. To me there is no cure for the common cold, because the common cold is often the cure for what ails us, for it hits us when we are not eating right, not sleeping well, and not exercising, that is when our immune system says, slow down…and if we do not listen, we are down for the count.

And, I rarely get sick, so when I do, I take time to reflect on what is going on and I ask myself, what is ailing me, where is my pressure coming from, what stress do I feel in my life, and I turn to the written page for slowing down, reflecting, and healing.

I also find the inspiration when things are gong well. When life is aligned and all is in order, I find I feel good about who I am and what I am doing and I welcome a few moments in the morning to jot down my gratitudes and get in touch with the inner me, the inner guidance that is directing my life in such a positive direction.

To me, finding the inspiration comes from within. If you are in transition, having a hard time, wanting a change but not sure how to deal with it, that drive from within is what will inspire you to get on a journaling journey. Once on the journey, if it is for you, you will stick with it. It is like meditation, everyone says it is good for us, but many who try it don’t see the value. With a journaling journey, you have to find what works for you…a gratitude journal once a week may be enough. A quotes journal for those inspiring quips and quotes to review when you are down, may be just what the doctor ordered. An affirmations page that you read every morning to yourself, but do not need to write are great, or a place to post some interesting notes on your phone during your morning or evening commute, maybe all you need.

I would say if you are reading this, it is because some how the topic resonated with you and showed up. It could be that you were looking for guidance on how to handle a difficult situation, how to take your business to the next level, how to find your purpose in life or how to better define your business. You can ask many questions and the blank page can provide various answers.

My final comment is that there is no failure in journaling. Even if you only finish half a journal, that maybe all your soul needed for you to heal and to feel good about whatever ailed you or all you needed for aspiration or inspiration. Pues, asi es la vida and whatever you do, feel good about the journaling journey you are on.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I tend to usually journal when I am going through a difficult time, then as things get better my poor journal is left aside. I think mournfully is healthy for the mind and soul. Aside from blogging (a sort of mournfully to me) I do want to make the time to pick up that lovely journal and write and/or draw.

    Beautiful post.