Monday, March 5, 2012

Nuturing Your Inner Muse

Nurturing Your Inner Muse

The Force of Love
The Force of Love*
Last month I wrote about journaling as a way of engaging in personal, creative, and professional growth. This month, my focus will be on pampering your muse to allow your creativity to flow to new heights. Our muses are rooted in who we are and what we hope to accomplish in our lives. Our muses soar when we care for them and give them wings to soar.

I am constantly nurturing my inner muse and pampering her to be the best creative me I can be. Nurturing our muse means we are taking time for ourselves and taking care for ourselves. It means living a life of balance and creating time to just care for an nurture who we are, so we can be present and open to the possibilities the divine has to offer us. Here are 10 ways I nurture my inner muse:

Aire Y Tierra
Aire y Tierra*

  1. Eating authentic ethnic foods
  2. Walking on the beach, in the woods, anywhere in nature
  3. Drinking a fine wine with some wonderful chocolate
  4. Dancing when no one is watching
  5. Writing in my journal
  6. Taking time to go see a good movie
  7. Taking an elder to lunch
  8. Listening to inspirational music, speeches, and talks
  9. Expressing my feelings in writing, drawing, singing, dancing, exercising
  10. Living a life true to myself

When my muse is especially silent, I know I need to get myself to the place where she will not be silent anymore. At those times, I have my list of wishes to help me get focused.

1. I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, true to my inner me.
2. I wish I didn't work so hard.  
3. I wish I had the courage to say NO more often.
4. I wish I recognized my deeper YES.
5. I wish that my muse was in a better mood.

I am in constant gratitude to my muse for bringing me back on track and keeping me focused on me and focused on who I wish to be. She is my divine guidance that keeps me rooted and gives me wings.

How do you nurture your muse?
Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,

Una onza de alegría vale más de oro.
An once of happiness is worth more than a pound of gold.

*Artowrk for this blog was graciously provided by AnaJuliaDariasFishman an artist on Art by Latina Artists

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