Monday, February 13, 2012

Rituals, do they really work?

Rituals, do they really work?

With journaling, there are as many ways that it works as there are people who find they journal successfully. Some journalers have to start at the same time every day and they follow a routine…I get a cup of tea, go to my chair, turn on the iPod and write away… These individuals cannot even imagine being unprepared for a journaling session and they find that the ritual helps them get grounded, stay centered, is almost meditative.
Others, journal when the mood strikes them. They may not write everyday, but they write when they feel a need, are starting a new project, or need to get out of a funk. They write what is in their heart to feed the soul and nourish the spirit, but only when the muse strikes them. Others, find that they when they are inspired, it works for them to journal, so they seek out that inspiration…a favorite coffee shop, a favorite beverage, a favorite playlist, a favorite snack…sets the tone and the mood for the journaling to begin. Todo tranquillo.
So, do rituals work, yes, for some people they do, others find them too confining and too contrived. I find that I use a combination of both. La vida es dulce. As I read, I am harvesting my readings for great quotes, quips, and anything notes to jot down…when I am feeling overwhelmed, I stop, get a goal journal out…and write down my goals…to stop the swirling in my mind. When I am in a certain space, like shortly after my mom passed away, I set up a ritual and journal for healing…and take the time to get the cup of coffee, put on that special playlist, light the candles…and enjoy that inner tranquility that only comes when you take quality time for yourself.

Please share with us what type of journaler are you…do you have a special ritual you follow? Do you prefer the spur of the moment?

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos, ADELANTE


"Arbol que crece torcido, nunca su rama endereza."
A crooked tree never grows a straight branch.

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