Thursday, February 9, 2012

Types of Journals

Types of Journals

There are different journals for different purposes and many people will say this is not working for me because they did not think through the process first of what they wanted to achieve and accomplish, their life circumstances, and what would work for them. Hace que trabaja para ti.  Here are a number of different journals I have tried that I love. If you have something else that you have tried, please share it with the group.

  1. Electronic: You will have a place on your computer or online where you enter your daily journal writings.
  2. Fancy Store Bought Journal: This is a cute, sturdy journal that helps you get in the mood and resonates with you. It is usually very pretty and invites you to relax, open, reflect, and tell.
  3. Scrapbook: for those of you who are very visual, sometimes a scrapbook is the best way to journal…here you can cut and paste quips, and quotes, and anything notes that resonate with you and who you are becoming.
  4. Regular Notebook, Yellow Pad, or Composition Book: these are great for rants and raves, letters you will never send, or pages you want to burn.
  5. Three Ring Binder: Many writers like the flexibility of a 3 ring binder to help them organize stories, ideas, names, character sketches, places, and worlds. The 3 ring binder can take pages with lines, no lines, typed pages, and a nice place for photographs.
  6. Apps: There are many different apps for your smart phone that are great for journaling on the run or when you have no time, stay tuned for a full post just on apps.

Remember, you want to go with your strengths. If you are visual, choose a form with no lines and markers for including visuals. If you are a collector, choose a form that allows you to cut and paste the little things you want to keep. If you are a writer, try using a medium you do not usually use…handwriting, for example, if you do all your writing on the computer. Or fuzzy, fun markers if you write your initial ideas with a ball point pen. Be creative and work through your strengths.
What types of journals have you found particularly interesting? What has worked for you, please share with the group?
For a special treat, check out the following Crafty Chica blog

For a wonderfully creative Bliss Book Idea for crafty journalers…these are truly a work of art that you will treasure and can share with loved ones as a gift. Es tu felicidad.

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos ADELANTE!!

"El de buen entendor, de pocas palabras."
He who is wise, needs few words.


  1. These are all great ideas for journals. I tried the 'fancy store bought' ones and found that I hesitated to use them, until I ran out of room in the other plainer journals.

    Two years ago (with the bad economy) I started my "use it up before buying anything new" rule and wrote in the fancy journals. I didn't want to write my crying words in them, just the 'pretty' ones.

    Now I 'collect' beautiful journals and post them on my boards:
    Love, love Crafty Chica's Bliss Journals!She rocks, and rolls :)

  2. I have many journals. I collect them, they sit and wait for me to pour myself into them. Right now I'm in my art journal phase. Been here a few years, guess I like it. I use it for everything, then go back and paint in top. I'm loving it, and have also begun thinking of doing binders. I like the thought of that. Thanks for an inspiring post!