Guided Journals

My Life is My Message

Hola mis amigas,

In this guided journal you will be exploring the essence of the messages you send to the world as you live your life. We cannot tell others how to live their lives, the best we can do is be a role model, and influence those around us by our actions and deeds. What messages are you sending out to the universe, to your community, to your friends and family? YES, your LIFE is your sure you are sending the messages that you want received.

Feel free to post any of the poems and promts on your own blogs, especially if you feel you had an inspired response, just please give credit and honor my copyright.


Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos ADELANTE!!!


Singing, loving, dancing, creating
These are the actions
 defining my Life,
signifying who I am
my reason
my message
my purpose
for through my life one
can discern
who I am meant to be
and what I am meant to accomplish
My Life IS my message

What message defines your life?



The knowledge base necessary
For solving
The problems of the day
For dealing with
The issues to be resolved
For deciphering
The concerns to be addressed

Are the integrative interpersonal
Wisdoms we have divined from
Our ancestors—
past, present, and future

What wisdom have you divined from your ancestors?



Just a speck
In the universe
Wondering where I fit in
Questioning where I go from here
Hoping it all comes together
Knowing that the coming
is dependent on me

Where do you fit in?
How is it all coming
together for you?



How do I develop the
perspective to know and understand you—
within your own perspective?

First a dose of awareness-
Of self and other

Next a smidgen of understanding-
Of self and other

Finally a dollop of knowledge
Of self and other

Taken together
Do these allow me
to know and understand you
within my own perspective?

Whose perspective do you use, when you choose to understand?



An act which transforms
Is a transformative act

Perspectives provide the impetus
For which the transformative act
Can be the catalyst

Enthusiasm provides the foundation
Upon which the transformative act
Can be achieved

What transformative act have you engaged in lately?



What I do is right
Even if the rest of the world
doesn’t agree with me

What I think is valuable
Even if the rest of the world

What I believe is honorable
Even if you
don’t agree with me

What I dream is just
Especially if it supports me in the
Pursuit of my purpose

What purpose are you pursuing?




How can we live the difference we want to see?
How can we be the change we should be?
How can the changes we want to see
be embedded in the very fabric of our lives?

By living a life that truly unites
Our soul and our spirit
With our purpose

How have you united
your soul and you spirit,
with your purpose?




The transitions from here to there
Are the critical encounters which matter
As we put our narrative in action
To start living the life we were meant to

How have you put
your narrative into action?



The essence
of narrative
Although abhorrent
from one perspective
Can be fundamental
from another

What is the essence of the narrative you are living, dancing, singing, and drawing?




It’s what resonates
It’s what allows authenticity
It’s what sets souls free
It’s what enables spirits to soar
It’s what makes you REAL
It is your Message

WHAT is your message?



The ideal truth is found somewhere
Between reality and perception

The ideal lie is found somewhere
Between perception and reality

What is your ideal truth?
Ideal lie?



The Essence of Fear

Fear to speak
Fear to be
Fear to see
Fear to know
Fear to do
Fear to understand
Fear to Voice
the essence of me
Fear—the essence of our divided lives

What is the essence
of your fear?
How do you overcome it?




A changing world
A knowing journey
A new agenda
The last best hope
The chronicles of pride

Are all a part of
The legends of the elders that
Call us to be the very
Essence of who we are

What have the elders
chosen for you?




It is a contradiction
In the way we live
In the way we see
In the way we learn
In the way we teach
In the way we love
When our goals are not
Equated with our actions
When our words
Are not aligned with
Our deeds

What is your major contradiction that you will
only admit to yourself?



Actions contribute to
the habit of
Knowing which way
to go
When the Knowing
is not clear to us

What actions help you
to understand which
path to take?



It is not a rule
It is not a procedure
It is not a principle
It is not a catchall
It is not an answer

It is a way of being
A process
A journey
A discovery
It is being true to the
Truth within you

© Zulmara

Are you being true to
your inner diva?



The search for truth
Is a process of seeking
The essential element
Needed for growth to occur

© Zulmara

What is your essential element for truth, for growth?




Importance accompanies vagueness-
Precision accompanies ability-
Practicality accompanies courage-
Intelligence accompanies knowledge-
Reflection accompanies knowing-
Decision accompanies respect


© Zulmara




Strategic insubordination
Respectful disobedience
Planned rebelliousness

Are ways to both resist and accept
The status quo
While staying within our own world
Living our own dreams
Writing our own lives

© Zulmara

How do you resist
while accepting?



A hope for our community
Today is that we can move
Forward to new levels,
New ideals
New dreams
New passions

A hope for our lives
Today is for us to march
Forward to new challenges
New imaginings
New visions
New possibilities

© Zulmara

What is your hope for
your community?
for your life?



What are the
Implications for us as community
Who care and
Want to make a difference
When we can’t see eye to eye?

© Zulmara

How do we unite
inspite of our differences?



To learn the answers
To these questions

It is often necessary
To start at the end
And go back to the beginning

Reliving backward as a way
Of living forward

© Zulmara

Where do you start
to unravel the answers?



A sticky question is
One which sticks with you
No matter what the answer

© Zulmara

What is your stickiest question?



Freedom must come from within—

Within the margins of our

Within the margins of our

Within the margins of our

Within the margins of our
Way of being
knowing, understanding

Within the margins
Of the path
Which defines our purpose

© Zulmara

Where does your freedom
come from?



Can we fail at reflection?
Can we fail at knowing?
Can we fail at being?
Can we fail at observing?
Can we fail at protecting?
Can we fail at being ourselves?
Can we FAIL?

© Zulmara

How do you define failure
for yourself?
for others?



Applying what we feel
to what we need to know
to what we want to experience
to how we want to relate
to one another-

Is how we are able to
Connect to one another across
time, space and energy

© Zulmara

How do you make the connections that are
important to you?



It does not take much time
For us to embrace
the dawning of a new life
For it is in the dawn of our lives
that we decide what to embrace
as the journey continues.

It does not take much effort
For us to understand
the setting of the dawn
For it is in the dusk of our lives
that we decide
what shall be
as the journey continues

© Zulmara

How do you embrace the dawn and the dusk of your life?



It is in the discovery of the path
That we find fun for the ego

It is in the mission of the work
That we find meaning for the soul

It is in the vision of the journey
that we find succor for the spirit

© Zulmara

What defines your fun,
meaning, and succor?



You saw something in me
I never saw in myself
I saw something in you
You thought was not there
Like the dawn of a new day
We were able
to believe in each other
As we believe in the
Moon and the stars

© Zulmara

Who believes in you more
than you believe in yourself?



The history of you
begins in the hearts of them
The account
The record
The narration
The chronicle
The story
The memoir
Are all part of a past
That writes the present
And dictates the future

© Zulmara

What part of your past is writing your present and dictating your future?



Get involved in the story
Of your life
To make
the ordinary, extraordinary
the unique, distinct
the applied, vital
the exploratory, responsive

© Zulmara
How are you involved in
the story of your life?


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