Featured Latina Artists

Featured Latina Artists

My blogs will be featuring creative Latina Artists from the Art by Latina Artists Site. These amazing Latina Artists have graciously allowed me to share their artwork on my blog and I am forever greatful to them for their generosity. Please stop by and visit their pages and give them some love.
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Featured artists:

Ana Julia Darias Fishman:
I like the freedom of Art, to let You be anything..feel anything, and put in a picture. I am also a Poet..I like to color outside the Lines sometimes.

Lizabeth Perez Noeggerath:
Creativity and artistic talents runs in the family. grew up in Matamoros, Tamaulipas Mexico, surrounded by women with creative sewing techniques in apparrel and apparrel design. Through them I grew to appreciate hand made work.


Mia Roman:
If I had to sum up my inspirations into one word it would be “Life”.

Erica Rodriguez:
Nicaraguan painter. Recently graduated with a B.A. in studio art at Fresno State.

Maria Sanchez:

I am a lover of the arts, painting, collecting, writing, doodling, craft, collage etc.. Because of this passion I started this website. I also have an artist website for my artwork at http://www.mariasanchez.squarespace.com and my etsy shop where I sell prints and small works. http://www.sandiafria.etsy.com

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