Saturday, February 18, 2012

Discovering your Inner Diva

Discovering your Inner Diva
Journaling to the best you, you can be…

 As you journey through your life and you find your self facing adversity, wanting a change, being extremely happy, needing to decompress, or release stress, journaling, in its many formats, will help you to reach your goal, change what needs to be changed, or get through a particularly stressful time.

And you will find that the journaling takes many forms…you may not feel you write well enough to keep a grief journal, but cutting out pictures that remind you of your loved one or finding quotes you would have liked to share with them, can have the same healing effect. You may want out of a difficult situation at work, but feel you cannot articulate the life you want in a journal, so find the pictures that resonate with you and cut them out and put them in a journal…that will help you find the path to the change you desire. You may find that you are angry at the world…keep a simple gratitude journal and jot down 5 things that make you happy everyday.

The mind is a powerful, living, breathing organ and what we think we manifest, so therefore when you want a change, want a difference, want a new job, a soul mate, a good person in your life, you can visualize it into existence…just by believing in the power of your dreams and creating the visualizations in your life. You can do it with journaling or you can do it with quotes, pictures, songs, ideas, quips, scrapbooks, and blogs. The important thing is for you to realize that you have the power to create the life you wish to create and writing it down will make it happen for you…as long as you believe in the power of your dreams to be manifested in the life and the work that you do.
It has been a great pleasure to share this journaling experience with all of you and I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your participation and responses to these posts. 

Otra vez, mil gracias a todos mis amigos…for joining me on this terrific journey…

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos, ADELANTE!!!


"Barriga llena corazon contento."
Full Stomach, Happy Heart.


  1. I could see how journalism becomes so easy to have such amazing scenery!

  2. Thank you...yes, I live in Long Beach right by the beach and it is like living in heaven. gracias mi amiga...