Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pampering Foods

Pampering Foods

Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Healer (c)

What foods feeds your muse and help to keep you going?

For me, it is chocolate…chocolate and more chocolate…ice cream, truffles, See's Candy…if it is chocolate, my muse is happy…

I also love fruits and nuts --so nice to live in SoCal and have access to so many fruits for so much of the year…I love kiwi, watermelon, melons, strawberries, plums, peaches. Etx…I have never met a fruit I did not love…Also, love nuts…walnuts, cashews, almonds….are my favs...

Sophia 1
Sophia I
Bread and cheese are my staples…to balance the sugar high…lol…I love a good bread and have made friends with almost all cheeses available…looovvveee pan con queso...

My sinful food is pizza…uuumm, uuuummm, good. Love pizza with chicken especially…BBQ, garlic, and grilled. I also love veggies on my pizza and a personal favorite from my pregnancy days --mushroom/olive pizza.

What is your favorite pampering food? What is your pick me up snack? What feeds your muse

Water…Can't Create without Quenching your Thirst

Water, water, water, water…I find that without water, I have no stamina to keep going. I keep a water bottle on my desk--always--and I drink ice tea, vitamin water, Slenderize, and Gatorade.

I stay away from Soda…but I will do diet coke when the mood strikes me and I stay away from juices…seem to heavy for most writing days.
Hermana Series
Hermana Series (c)

Wine I reserve for those times when I am done with the creative process and ready to chilax with my family, my hubby, my FB friends and other special peeps…in my life.

What do you drink when you are writing…What is your special treat? Are you addicted to coffee…tea…wine??

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante…

Zulmara Maria

Más vale prevenir que tener que lamentar
Better safe than sorry

*Artowrk for this blog was graciously provided by Mia Ramon an artist on Art by Latina Artists


  1. Cafe con canela in the morning, water if writing in the afternoon, and no wine unless I finished my writing goal for the day. Dark chocolate covered almonds when my energy is low :)

  2. Love it...and the wine after the writing is done...great treat!!!

  3. Yes to all your cravings. I have the same cravings as you. I also like to eat Mexican candy when I'm writing.