Monday, March 26, 2012

Music and the Muse

Music and the Muse
Music Ecstasy
Music Ecstasy(c)

Music is one of the ways I pamper my inner muse. It is so inspiring to me to listen to some of my favorite artists to set the mood, the tone, the pace of my creativity.

I like melodic music that quiets the mind, when I need to think, figure things out, and rein myself in. When I am in the zone of my inner diva, I love Brazilian Samba….to set a beat, a tone, a pace that is fast, fun, eventful , and filled with happiness. This is for brain storming and setting my vibration. Sometimes, my muse and I just need to get up and dance.

Some of my favs for just getting in the zone and staying in the zone include:

  • In Dis Life by IZ…mellow and non-distracting...
  • Reyli for those soft, sadder love songs that bring back memories and put you in the mood of writing that sadder, deeper feeling…
  • Samba…especially by the Samba schools for those upbeat writing moments
  • Celine Dion…anything by Celine sets a tone and a mood that gets me in the zone.

In Dis Life by IZ these beautifully, melodic songs from Hawaii have a very mellow and non-distracting sound. Played mostly on a ukele and sung in a melodic tone, IZ sets a mood that is both reflective and contemplative. I now own 3 of his CD's, one for each trip to Hawaii. YES!!! he is a gem, just take a listen.

Music Heals the World
Music Heals the World (c)
Reyli is my favorite for those soft, sadder love songs that bring back memories and put you in a reflective of trying to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. He helps you know that life is for feeling, even when the feelings are deep and emotional. He sings in Spanish and Spanish love songs are especially moving to me and get to a place in my soul that is deep and profound.

When I want a female voice, I love Gloria Estefan's Spanish love songs. She sings with a profound, deep sense of love and longing that are perfect for setting the mood for love and heartache and heartbreak.

I also have Roberto Carlos on my playlist for when II need a connection to my Brazilian roots that are deep, powerful and filled with profound feelings of love.


OK, SAMBA sounds are for when I need energy, zip, pizzazz, and a get up and go. Samba is in my soul, having heard it from birth and it moves my spirit, touches my heart, and keeps me going. I have more Samba sounds and more Brazilian songs on my playlists than anything else--I love the upbeat sounds of Samba and it gets into my soul. It moves my muse forward at a fast pace, and helps me to be in the zone and in the moment.
Base Fiddle Goddess
Base Fiddle Goddess

I love how the beat and rhythm just get into my inner essence and get me moving with purpose and abandon, be it writing, drawing, creating, or just being in the world. … I just let the Samba sounds take me wherever I am meant to go.

What music fills your spirit, makes you move, and helps you get into the ZONE of writing…What sounds take you away?

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante


Para que la cuña apriete, debe de ser del mismo palo.

In order to have a good fit, select the right person for the job

*Artowrk for this blog was graciously provided by Mia Ramon an artist on Art by Latina Artists

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  1. I love to listen to salsa when I'm working in my classroom/studio this time of year when the students are on vacation and I need some pep in my step cleaning and organizing.