Monday, January 2, 2012

Whimsical New Year’s Resolutions

Whimsical New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions that are fun, unusual, and atypical, maybe even a bit bizarre, are a fun way to start off the New Year and treat yourself for doing things that you love to do or are easy enough to do that you know you will succeed. When I make a whimsical resolution, I start off my New Year’s calendar with a bag of stickers and each time I do one of my New Year’s resolutions, I give myself a sticker. One year was to go to Disneyland more this year than the last year (and I did it). The next year was to prepare for a weeklong bike ride. I did not make my weeklong bike ride, but I did do 2 century rides and I clocked in many hours and miles on my bike. Life is fun.
You see, success begets success, so if you set up a resolution you cannot fail at, then you know you will be succeeding and that feeling of success will start to permeate the rest of your life, your attitude, your perspective, your disposition, and your thoughts. Once you get the positivity going, it cannot be stopped.
This year I have two whimsical resolutions. One is to do at least one Lucky Penny Walk a week and the other is to eat chocolate at least once a week. Now these are not the typical resolutions, but I do feel that they will help me stay focused on the positive and knowing what is important to me. I find that I love chocolate and nothing helps my diet more than to schedule in some chocolate time....uuummm. And a Lucky Penny Walk, well, that is explained in another post. But I figure if I do one Lucky Penny walk a week, then 520 people will have a lucky day on me...and that makes me feel good. Who knows, maybe some weeks I will do more than one lucky penny walk.

What Whimsical Resolution can you make to ensure that your New Year starts off great and you are reinforcing the positives in your life?

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  1. Ok... here I am... I am late on this one... just three words that will guide me and help me make daily recipes for success.... my three words are Create - Build - Profit

    (By the way, I got the idea from @ChrisBrogan)