Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Sister Box

A caixa de irmãs/The Sister Box

Yesterday, I posted how I shedded with White Elephant Gifts...I also do a Sister Box with my sisters on a regular basis, which is a shedding, cleansing, renewal, and keeping in touch tradition all in one. This is something we started after the holidays, after saying our good-byes and missing each other. Parting is such sweet sorrow. It is always a bitter sweet parting, we love those who live far and have a hard time being away from them, but life and living get in the way of us being together regularly.

Our sister box became a way of staying in touch and sharing a part of our lives with each other. Our Sister Box Tradition helps us keep in touch during those times in between the holidays. We start by having one of us fill a box with lots of goodies. They can be new, old, for someone special, or just 'cositias' to put in the box. And we mail it to one sister with cards in it for all the other sisters. Then we go around and when each person receives the box, they take out anything that is for them, anything else they want from the box, and then they fill it with their treasures and send onto the next sister. And the box makes it way around. It is a fun way to stay connected and stay in touch--and do a cleansing where you know your treasures are being shared. We have so much fun with our caixa de irmãs, that we are always looking forward to getting the next box. It does not always work as planned and sometimes, we have a sister who hangs on to long, but in the end, we just start the fun all over again.

We have recently started including our daughters and they are having so much fun and we are teaching the cousins how to stay in touch, no matter what.

This fits in really well with cleansing and can fill a box with the treasures you are ready to part with and send it to a few friends, family members, and others who may like to play and keep in touch.

Adds a nice tradition for shedding, so you are making way for the new on a regular basis, having a lot of fun, and keeping in touch...all with one activity!!!!

What fun and interesting ways do you have for staying in touch with your family?
Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,


  1. Zulmara,
    I love the Sister Box! I may have to start that tradition with my amigas from college Gracias!

  2. I love this idea. Me and my sisters live so far and this would be something nice to start with them. Thanks for this wonderful yet practical idea!