Saturday, January 7, 2012

McCormick Foundation 6

I have decided to apply for the McCormick Foundation New Media Women Entrepreneurs Grant for Entrepreneurs. The Application is AWESOME because it encourages you to focus and have clarity in your life about what it is that you want to accomplish and how you are going to move your business forward. For me, the questions are spot on and the character limits, mean I have to think very carefully about what I want to write and be succinct. If you are looking for funds for a particular project, even if you do not think you are a good match for Fredrickson Grant, then fill out the application fields. This will help you gain clarity about what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it, and why you are the best person for the job. The application is due on January 27, 2011. I am planning on posting my responses to the 10 questions, one a day for the next ten days. I will welcome any feedback or ideas you’d like to offer. If you want to join me on this journey, please feel share your journey. I am very excited about this. Soon, I will be looking for Latina artists, graphic designers, web-developers, and ebook developers to help me get LAUNCHED...may the journey begin.

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante,
6) This is how I will raise the $2,000 in matching funds: (2500 characters)

I will raise the $2,000 in matching funds by a) giving presentations, workshops, and seminars, b) selling my online materials, c) offering professional coaching, d) monetizing my blog, and e) being a part of relevant and pertinent affiliate programs.

The Guided Journals will be ebooks that will sell for 2.99 each that individuals will be able to download to their computers and electronic devices. My goal is to have apps for tablets created as well to help boost sales.

The three ecourses will be self-contained and come with a series of free offers. They will sell for $29.99 and students will be able to download the course and move through them at their own pace. I plan on making the courses exciting and interactive to increase participation.

There will be guided support and personal coaching for the ecourses at an extra fee. The fee schedule is $100 for email review and comment and $500 for a one hour phone consultation that includes email review and comment.

My blog is monetized and therefore, I will be generating funds by driving traffic to my blog and encouraging individuals to look at what I have to offer. I know this does not offer a lot of money, but every little bit counts and I feel that it is one way to get started.

I am also part of a number of Affiliate programs that are generating some funds for my business venture. These affiliate programs include Abundance Abounds and MasterPeace. I have just started with these group and I chose them specifically because they offer products that compliment my products and are of the highest quality. Again, I realize that Affiliate programs do not always work to generate a lot of funds, but they do help with generating some funds and reaching a wider audience.

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