Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar Yourself with Sand

Sugar Yourself with Sand

Pampering your Muse with Island Time

Going to the Bahamas as a way to pamper my muse, renew my spirit, and nourish my soul has been so invigorating and inspiring. Island time is reflective time. In the Bahamas, no one beginnings the day before 10:00 am and they it by around 5:00 pm only to come out and play again around 7:00 in the evening.

The people are super friendly. The food is unique, but familiar enough to enrich the body. The tropical drinks: Mojitos, Bahama Mamas, and Miami Vice are cool, refreshing with a nice tropical twist.

Sugaring yourself with sand is a perfect way to describe a vacation in the Bahamas. You are surrounding yourself with warmth, hospitality, good food, nice weather, and sticky sand. The Sticky sand gives you the feeling that you are being enveloped in a warmth of island hospitality and island fun and charm. You feel like you are a part of something real, something bigger than life, something extraordinary, something that will pamper your muse and help you get invigorated and inspired.

Bahamian time is island time at its best!!
 Con un pan y cafecito,
 Seguimos adelante,

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