Monday, September 13, 2010

Write Your Joy

A Room w/ a View!!!

Write your joy, or at least what you like to read. Chris is not only a great writer, he is a visionary as well. He loves the energy and synergy around NaNoWriMo that has grown beyond his wildest expectations, he is also very funny.

His number one take away fro me was…do not write what you would not want to read. Seems like simple advice, but when I read it, it was like an ah-ha moment to me.
So , here is my list of what I like in a novel:

• I love happy endings. Not sappy, but happy.

• I love things that get tied up neatly. I am not interested in loose ends that the writer could not pull together.
• I love moralistic dilemmas that are difficult to resolve. The kind that make you think and rethink your own life path and journey. When a writer causes me to contemplate and reflect on my own biases and my own life path, that writer has me for life.
• I love romances…I love the build up, the falling in love, the breaking the rules, the shattering and pulling it all together.
• I am a fan of books that touch my heart and soul.
• I like to laugh out loud and cry silent tears.• I love characters that become my best friends and live with me day in and day out. I like nice people.• I like the inclusion of music and poems and quotes and sketches.
My favorite genres are Chic Lit, Chica Lit, Romance, Literary Romance, and enduring Love stories.

What makes a novel work for you?

Con pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante…


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