Monday, September 6, 2010

NaNoWriMO Rocks

Yesterday, I officially donated to the NaNoWriMo site and uploaded one of my possible covers...I am getting ready to write my novel synoposis and post that as well.

As I am gearing up for the greatest writing month of my life, I came across this poem and wrote my own tribute to NaNoWriMO...

From the Georgia Heard website--

This amazing poem from the Glenridge Poetry Club was sent to me by Nancy Rapp --a wonderful teacher who read Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems and invited her students to write list poems:

Things To Do If You're a Dog

by Mia

Jump off the doggy bed
Bolt down the stairs
Stick your nose in the food bowl
Lap up water
Go out and play
Lay on the rug
Chew on a bone
Go to sleep
Love your family when they come home
Flap your pink tongue
Look adorable
Go for a walk
Be petted
Be a good dog
Be a bad dog
Be silly, playful, tired dog
Be a loved dog.
Pasted from

My List Poem for NaNoWriMo

Have fun
Read, Read, and Read some more
Drinks lots of coffee
Find a supportive writing group
Get inspired/Stay inspired
Go to sleep
Get a journal
Plug in your computer
Buy a nice pen
Get a Moleskin Notebook
Enjoy green tea
Take a walk on the beach
Hike in the mountains
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy
Remember it's the journey
Stay awake
Indulge your muse
Write, write, and write some more
and don't forget the chocolate...


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  1. Keep on keeping on my sister. You are a great inspiration. Paz de Cristo mi hermana.