Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music for my Writing


Chris Baty in No Plot-No Problem discussed the role of music in writing and how music can help many writers get in the zone. I can so relate. I love having my music match my mood and with my writing moods, I love music to match my story…slow, upbeat, exciting, calming…seem to have an effect on my writing.

Music is also one of the ways I pamper my inner muse. It is so inspiring to me to listen to some of my favorite artists to set the mood, the tone, the pace of my writing. When I am writing slow, moving parts, I like melodic music that quiets the mind. When I am in the zone of my inner diva, I love Brazilian Samba….to set a beat, a tone, a pace that is fast, fun, eventful , and filled with happiness.

When I am editing, I need something soothing and melodic, preferably sounds…with no words. I have a series of nature CD's that move and inspire me during the revision process.

Some of my favs for just getting in the zone and staying in the zone include:

○ In Dis Life by IZ…mellow and non-distracting...
○ Reyli for those soft, sadder love songs that bring back memories and put you in the mood of writing that sadder, deeper feeling.
○ Samba…especially by the Samba schools for those upbeat writing moments
○ Celine Dion…anything by Celine sets a tone and a mood that gets me in the zone.

What's on your playlist? How do you use to get in the zone? What music feeds your soul and unleashes your inner diva?

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante!!!


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