Monday, September 6, 2010

The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Organized for NaNoWrMo

The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Organized for NaNoWrMo


In order to get inspired to write and be ready for NaNoWriMo, I realized I had to get very organized and get my act together, otherwise, with my job and with my schedule, I would always be wishing I was ready for November, but I would never be ready.

So I have started "Laying the Foundation" with the following baby steps:

Joined the NaNoWriMo web pages so that I could become familiar with how it works and the get used to posting on the forums and spend time creating my page.

I started a Facebook page in order to connect with my writerly friends there and to join the group "Walking in this World" and do the 12 week program among like minded friends.

I have updated my Goodreads page so that it reflects the Chica Lit genre that I am writing in gives me a place to organize the books that have inspired me to write

I have updated my Art By Latina Artists page to reflect my NaNoWriMo Journey. And, I am starting an ABLA group to encourage all of us to honor and love our creative muses.

I started a Blogspot page so I would have a chance to blog about my adventures and organize everything in one place. At my blogspot page, you can find links to all my other pages.

I have begun to learn how to use One Note to organize my ideas, thoughts, and materials.
It has truly been an exciting beginning of the month…and I am feeling very energized!!!

The Chai Lattes and vino con chocolate treats…really make a difference. Have to keep the Muse --MUSING!!!

What do you do to prep for NaNoWriMo??



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