Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pearls from Nely

Pearls from Nely Galan

Split do we merge our 2 do I find a better me, the real me, the hidden me, the hyphenated me...the and/both do I craft the identity of the me and who I want to be?
Fear and failure are your best friends
Grow everyday by any means necessary
We all need mentors...connect...
Honor your little girl. What are the unresolved issues? How can I be the best mom to that little girl?
Life is about do not have to prove yourself...over and over again...
Be kind to are enough as you are!!!

Top 10 Gems for Dealing with Obstacles
1.       Make fear and failure your best friends...reframe failure , if you are not failing, you will never succeed
2.       It is never too late the right the wrongs of your life...honor your pain
3.       There is no Prince one is on the earth to save you...
4.       Sometimes, when you win, you lose and sometimes when you lose you win...
5.       In your deepest pain is the answer to your purpose and who you are meant to be...take your pain and turn it into work and the work is transcendent...use your shadow material to create your life’s work
6.       Follow your bliss...but have a back-up plan to keep making money
7.       There is darkness before there is will always be tested
8.       Maintenance...put yourself first...
9.       Being Latina is the Best of both worlds...Know how to give...and how to receive
10.   Happiness is...being self-actualized...having the tools to do it...take small actions...-little things will make you successful

If you have not seen Nely's book, check it out here:

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