Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gems from Sandra Cisneros at the Coca-Cola Tour ADELANTE!!

Mi ano de renacimiento

Honor your own way of being

!!!!YEAH!!!! (hold hands and pray)

Multiple spirits...makes you feel more connected

Poetics in space...I did not have that house, I had my house, My House on Mango Street

How do I transform my anger into light? My darkness into light?

Start wherever you are, and go to wherever it takes you

Keep writing, keep dancing, keep singing, keep painting from the seed...and let it grow and you will be reborn

If you don’t transform your inner you into light, you will wallow in darkness

Speak our truth...

Write a poem...write a sermon...write a book...write a fairy tale...

Come from your real voice...Your pajama voice...your inner voice

Flood yourself with joy...flood yourself with light

Tell your story...with joy, laughter, and tears!!!


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