Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to be a Chingona in 10 Easy Steps
by Sandra Cisneros as interpreted by
Here is my list from the wonderful talk that Sandra gave us at the Coca-Cola ADELANTE Tour. Sandra had the ideas, but this is my own interpretation of her inspiration, I am sure many of us took many different things from that day, depending on where we are at!!!
·         Live for your own approval
·         Time is your most valuable gift
·         Cover your own Power...
·         Find true humility
·         Keep your word
·         Address your pain
·         Be one with your actions—your only true possessions are your actions
·         Seek forgiveness
·         Live in the present moment
·         Go back to a scene of trauma—Depression has a purpose—use it to go to the light
·         Listen to your body...when you are sick, your body is telling you something
·         Get out of the way of the light
·         Research your history...create your 10x10
·         Create rituals
·         Discover the sacred
·         Wear something that empowers you

Call your ancestors...

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  1. Me encantaron todos los consejos!!! GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR!!! XoXo Maca