Friday, September 9, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011--Here I Come!!!

Hola mis amigos,

Well, I did it. I wrote my novel, Just Once, during NaNo of 2010 and it was fantastic. I wrote it for pleasure, I wrote it for myself, and I wrote because it had to be written. I started writing at midnight on November 1, and had my 50,000 words within a week. Then I proceeded to write about 50,000 more words to complete my novel. Words cannot describe the euphoria I felt when I had finished, both the 50, 000 words and the completed novel by the end of the month. It was so inspirational.

I am now on track to write another novel in November of 2011 and this time I have started with Character Development and Character Sketches. I realized how much fun it is to write, imagine, develop, and get to know my characters and I am going to be sharing some of my characterization exercises that I do with all of you.

These are tried and true and I have used them with both high school and university students. They are a nice way to get to know your character without having to pin a character down at the beginning. The most fun is that they are not set in stone and you can always change them depending on where your character leads, and where you follow.

They are a perfect companion to Scriveners, if you use that for organization, or for any word processor. Just copy and paste and modify to fit your needs. And if you come up with something way cool, please share, I’d love to have it in my archives.

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante!!!


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