Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is your Muse blissed, blessed, pissed, or dissed?

Is your Muse blissed, blessed, pissed, or dissed?

I am not sure who first coined these terms for writing. I have it in my notes that it was The Four Energies of Writing: What's Your Fuel?, May 21, 2008, by Bill O'Hanlong; however, I have not been able to find the original reference. With that said, I wanted to discuss how the mood of your muse can influence your writing energy and help you get in the ZONE. Being blissed, blessed, pissed, or dissed influences your writing energy and creates what many writers see as the “NEED” to write, or being in the ZONE where nothing can stop us. All four of these energies will create beautiful and wonderful art and many artists will move in and out of these moods and it can be seen in the shape their work takes.

In being blissed and blessed we are in the positive zone for writing. Our life is good, seems to be clicking along and we want to share that with the world through our words, our art, our paintings, our music, our sculptures. In a blissful state, the muse is happy and passionate about our topic, our character, our way of looking at the world and just needs to share it with the world. In a blissful stat our passions take over and we are drawn to our craft to share our joys.

When we are blessed we are sharing with the world our abundance or our blessings. We know that God is in her heaven and all is right in the world. At times, this follows a specifically harrowing experience, at other times it is followed by survival, the courage of others, or the deep caring of the human spirit. It feels like our muse has been moved by the spirit and been blessed and has a need to share with the world all the that is good and abundant in life.

At other times, our muse is spurred by the negative energies: pissed or dissed. Again, these are two very powerful energies that will stimulate our writing and get us in the ZONE of creativity. When we are pissed there is something that has angered us to the point of creating. If we do not get it out, we will explode and our art is reflective. When the muse is pissed the writing is passionate, strong, forceful, and full of angry energy. It is not bad, but if we did not let this anger out, we would be in danger of high blood pressure, a stroke, or a heart attack. The anger has to be released and some of the best creating comes from this state.

When we are dissed, we have also been disrespected and our sense of self-righteousness stands up and says ENOUGH!! And we have to create it out. We create from the fire in the belly to right a wrong. It could be something that happened directly to us to something that happened to a loved one, or we may be spurred by the political climate. Whatever the impetus for the art in this stage, we have a need to right a wrong on a personal, social, or global level and our muse will not rest until we have said our piece.

What mood is your muse in for the upcoming NaNo? Are you blessed, blissed, pissed or dissed and how will that influence your final project?

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante!!!

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